The action unfolds in a room measuring almost 250 m2 in which up to eight players are able to move about freely and naturally, whilst being able to perfectly identify one another. This is all made possible by special equipment and sensors placed strategically around the room, as well as devices known as ‘Blackbirds’, manufactured using 3D printing.

Zero Latency is a perfect accompaniment to the Andorra experience for all, offering horror games, based on the tension of being in dark and dangerous surroundings, and games in open spaces, where the laws of physics are radically altered. There are currently four games, updated on a weekly basis.

With experiences lasting up to one hour (including the briefing, set-up and disassembly of equipment), Zero Latency offers you the chance to take your Andorra experience one step further, with a whole host of sensations that will put your nerves, senses and perceptions to the test.