If you like sports and love nature, you can’t miss Canillo’s orienteering courses! Located in the heart of the beautiful Incles Valley, the courses will allow you to see the most remote sites in the parish while working out in the open air and enjoying a few hours of fun! 

Beginner’s orienteering course

Designed specifically for beginners, the beginner’s course is perfect for anyone who would like to delve into the world of orienteering or who wants to enjoy a fun evening with friends or family, as this course will be perfect for the little ones due to its low level of difficulty. They will have a whale of a time!

The start of this course, found at the end of the Carretera d’Incles, is signposted with the international symbol for orienteering (the triangle). You’ll just need to get there, turn the map around to face north and choose which path to take.

As for the hidden milestones, there are 8 in total for you to find. They’re marked on the map with a circle and, every time you find one, you’ll just need to check that it corresponds to the correct reference number and punch a hole in the right box using the hole punch.

This route is 2.1 km long, with an altitude gain of 85 metres.

Nature and culture orienteering course

If, however, you’re already at a more advanced level and have some orienteering skills, this course is designed for you! Covering a total distance of 6 km, with an altitude gain of 430 metres, you’ll trek through the deepest woods of the Incles Valley: groves of conifers, uneven terrain, rivers and glaciers are waiting for you – these and other features will make sure you thoroughly enjoy your trip!

You’ll discover Canillo’s most impressive landscapes, as well as its geography and history, as each location has been carefully selected to showcase not only the valley’s flora and fauna, but also the cultural heritage of every part of the valley!

Further information

If you want to embark on any of these set routes, you just need to request a course map at the Tourist Information Office in Canillo, where you’ll also be able to return it once you’ve completed the walk and claim your gift!

Alternatively, although we recommend that you do these courses during spring or summer, if you have a more advanced level and the necessary knowledge you’ll also be able to do them in winter. Of course, you’ll need to take extreme precautions and go equipped with everything you need.

Recommendations before setting off

Lastly, we would like to remind you that you will be in the mountains and meteorological conditions can change from one moment to the next. Therefore, we recommend that you plan your outing, checking the weather forecast, and particularly avoiding summer storms.

We also recommend that you confirm the feasibility of the hike with the Canillo Tourist Office and carry appropriate clothing and shoes, sunglasses, hat, sun cream as well as food, water and a telephone with sufficient battery, just in case.

What about you? Have you found all the milestones yet?