This small building with a stone roof finished off in a cone and surrounded by walls where the animals were kept, was used by shepherds to milk their sheep to make cheese.

We will drive up to La Coma service area of the Ordino Arcalís ski resort, where there is the bar-restaurant, alongside the Creussans chair lift (also open in the summer).

Either along the earth track that climbs to the Port de Rat mountain pass, where we can see the tunnel mouth, or across country, the trip to the Orri de la Coma del Forat makes us realise how tough the area is. A glacial circle where we can find traces of human activity: the traditional huts, pens andorris, all made in stone, the remains of a rural life focused on grazing lands and livestock. 

During the summer months, vehicle access by road to Coma del Forat is reserved only for cyclists wishing to reach Port d’Arcalís, therefore, the only way to reach Coma del Forat is by cable car, unless you go by bicycle or walk.