Up to 5 Grand Route (GR) paths cross the mountains of Andorra and take us to the lakes, mountain huts and most hidden corners. Discover them!

GR-11: The grand route of the Pyrenees

GR-7: Andorra, from east to south

GRP: a week of mountains and huts

Cross-border GR 1: The route of the 3 nations

Cross-border GR 2: The tour of the lakes

Andorra’s mountain huts

In Andorra there are 30 mountain huts (6 sheltered) for trekkers, all accessible on foot. Although most are located in difficult places, some are less than an hour away and all share a privileged location with incredible views. The 30 mountain huts are perfectly equipped and open all year, although the ComapedrosaSortenyl’Illa or Juclà are guarded. Some of the most outstanding mountain huts are FontverdCabana Sorda and la Portella.

Refuge passport

Get your refuge passport and stamp all the boxes. At each refuge, you’ll find a stamp with the refuge name that you can use to stamp the boxes in your passport. Once completed, just present your passport at the Andorra la Vella tourist office and ask for your gift! You’ll also receive a certificate of achievement as a reward for your efforts and determination.

You can get your refuge passport free of charge from any tourist office in Andorra.