Andorra is the perfect setting for outdoor sports, and not just in winter. When the white of the snow gives way to the green of the forests, the Principality fills with opportunities for active tourism. Indeed, 90% of our terrain is forest land, with three nature parks: La Vall de Sorteny, La Vall de Madriu-Perafita-Claror and Les Valls del Comapedrosa. Where else has more to offer?

Both within the nature parks and beyond them, one of the most popular activities is hiking. Our routes are safe and well sign-posted. They are aimed at hikers of all levels and go through high mountain landscapes, sheltered valleys, natural lakes and other landscapes. In addition, if your chosen route is a harder one, you can use the numerous mountain shelters spread around the country. Many of them are staffed, offering the full range of rural accommodation services. Others are unmanned, but still offer a comfortable shelter for the more intrepid walkers.

For cycling lovers, there are dozens of cycle tourism and mountain bike routes on offer. Paved routes take cyclists over mountain passes that are often included in the Tour de France or Vuelta a España. The mountain bike routes will test off-road cyclists, taking them into the depths of the natural landscape.

Climbing, horse-riding, indoor sports…Other sports on offer in the Andorran outdoors

For those who prefer vertical routes, our climbing activities are sure to exceed your expectations. We’re not known as the Pyrenean country for nothing! Our mountains offer via ferratas of all levels, that can be climbed at all times of year. And as well as these natural walls, many places in the Principality have climbing centres for beginners, training and more technical climbs.

Discovering the landscape on horseback is another attractive option for those looking to do sport in Andorra. Active tourism companies in different towns offer horse-riding excursions through beautiful natural landscapes.

If prevented by the weather, or if you prefer indoor activities, then you can visit the sports centres in the Principality. These are multi-purpose facilities offering sports as varied as skating or swimming.

These are just some of the many active tourism options available in the Principality. On this page you’ll find links and resources for more information to organise your trip for yourself. Or if you prefer, you can contact one of the active tourism companies, with professionals and resources to organise all kinds of experiences: bungee-jumping, archery, quads, adventure circuits, zip-lines and much more.

Finally, there’s also an area for more playful activities surrounded by nature. This is Naturland, a theme park where both young and old can enjoy unique experiences, such as riding 4×4 buggies, sliding downhill on tubbies or the tobotronc ride.

Nature, sport and Andorra go hand in hand all year round. What are you waiting for?