The first town you arrive at when entering Andorra from Spain offers a wide variety of shopping opportunities.

The first thing you will notice, thanks to their size and popularity, is the town’s large shopping centers. From just a few miles from the border until the town center, you can choose between various shopping centers that offer an endless range of products. You can buy everything from the latest consumer electronics to food, clothing, footwear, small household appliances, homeware and much more. Also, you can find the largest pharmacy in the country with all kinds of internationally recognized products and brands.

Meanwhile, in the town center, you will find a selection of specialist shops and small local businesses that sell anything from food products to haberdashery items. When it comes to sports, fans of any kind of cycling (road, mountain biking, etc.), cross-country skiing and trekking are sure to find what they are looking for.  

Sant Julià is home to leading establishments in the fields of fishing, camping and caravanning that stock the latest items and equipment. There is even a shop that specializes in musical instruments and accessories.  

The town’s cultural facilities include the Tobacco Museum, where you can enjoy both a permanent exhibition on the long-standing relationship between this product and Andorra and a host of temporary exhibitions throughout the year.