The Circuit of Springs-Engolasters is the first route for blind people and the visually disabled in the Principality. This area is a natural space with great potential that has allowed a section of the Circuit of Springs to be made accessible. This equipment was started up with the technical advice of the ONCE Spanish national organisation for the blind.

Specific materials and techniques were used to set up the path (texture, colours, etc.) for the blind or visually disabled to be able to perceive and anticipate possible obstacles with their sticks.

The spring trail starts in the car park and continues to the Corralets picnic area. The trail takes a little over 1.5 hours to walk and has a total length of 2.8 kilometres, of which the adapted Engolasters section comprises some 1.2 kilometres. 

As the name of the trail suggests, throughout the route you will come across stunning natural springs beauty, such as Font de les Ordigues, Font de les Molleres, Font dels Corralets, and last but not least, Font de la Closa.