If you like horse riding, this is for you! In the Naturland equestrian centre, you will enjoy a tranquil route surrounded by nature through the Rabassa mountains. You’re sure to be amazed by our wild flora and fauna!

Guided horse rides

The centre offers several options for routes. With each outing lasting an hour, you will tour the surroundings of the park discovering our rich natural heritage! Of course, you won’t be alone, as you will always be accompanied by a specialist guide, who is there to guarantee your safety and ensure the outing goes just as planned.

This is perfect for families, as children will also be able to ride: the minimum age required is 8 years.

Ponies for the little ones

On the other hand, if you’re travelling with children who also want to try the activity, but do not have the required minimum age, you’ll be glad to know there is a children’s pony circuit. This closed route circles around the Prat de Conangle field.

Children wishing to do this activity must be between 3 and 13 years old, and must always be accompanied by an adult, who will guide the animal at all times. The little ones are sure to have an unforgettable time as they get in touch with animals!

Other services at the centre

This equestrian centre also offers a range of other equestrian services such as boarding and stall rental for those who need it.

Finally, the horses and the equestrian centre can be found at Altitude 2000, while there are also ponies at Altitude 1600. You can enjoy this activity all year round, although during winter it is only open during peak season, on weekends and on public holidays. Only one person can ride the horse or pony at a time, and it is essential to book this activity in advance.

Find out more about these and other options on the website and check schedules and availability before you arrive.