If you feel like relaxing, don’t wait any longer: start looking into it now and find out what our Spas and Wellness centres have in store for you. They offer exclusive services to take care of your body and soul, and are only a few minutes away from the country’s main shopping district.

Some of the charming and pleasant wellness centres that you’ll find in Andorra are:

  • Caldea’s Origins Spa was specially designed to stimulate your senses. Its Zen atmosphere will help you forget about your routine and day-to-day life.
  • Caldea’s Inúu spa offers an entirely different and innovative experience. While Thermal Spring Leisure offers a variety of wellness that can be enjoyed with family or friends, Inúu focuses on individual wellbeing.
  • The Roc Blanc hotel is one of the first hotels in Andorra to offer thermal water services. In fact, they first started making use of the benefits of water more than 70 years ago. That decision paid off, as the establishment was able to go upmarket and carve itself a privileged spot within the domain of premium tourism.
  • The Termes Carlemany Hotel Spa was built more than 60 years ago on the upper side of Escaldes-Engordany. It was also one of the first hotel resorts to use thermal water and include it alongside its accommodation services. The hotel’s thermal waters are renowned for their high mineral content, including calcium, sodium and iodine, among others. They’re highly advisable for minor disorders and therapeutic treatments.
  • Our many other hotels offering Spa Wellness services will also cater to your every need. There are nearly a hundred of them in Andorra. You’ll find everything from heated pools to waterfalls, massage services, water mattresses, saunas, Turkish baths and more. Make the most of your relaxing time off.

Pamper yourself with all kinds of wellness treatments, from traditional or exotic massages using natural plant-based products and essential oils, to next generation cosmetics.

On top of that, all Spa Wellness centres have modern spaces and water areas equipped with jacuzzis, heated pools, pressure jets, Turkish baths and saunas, among other spaces entirely devoted to relaxation.

Rid yourself of day-to-day stress and come enjoy some well-deserved relaxing time.