Slacklining is a sport that’s an offshoot of climbing, which is based on balance. You have to move while keeping your balance on elastic bands placed between trees or fixed supports, comprising a complete course.

Vallnord Pal-Arinsal has a Slackline park where you can practise and challenge yourself to finish the course. You’ll have ropes and grips that will make moving forward easier all throughout. Thus, you’ll gradually gain confidence and push yourself to continue depending on your sense of balance.

A route that’s suitable for all ages

Slacklining works all the muscles of the body, as well as the mind, as you need to concentrate and control your body to keep your balance. This sport is suitable for all ages and you’ll have lots of fun while getting some exercise. What’s more, there are professional instructors who will explain and help you learn the skills and movements to engage in this activity safely.

This activity is included in the resort’s one-day activity passes or you can also just get a ticket to the course.

Come and try it!