Relating with one of the most noble and beautiful animals is one of the experiences that you and your family cannot miss out on if you’re in Andorra. You will have the chance to learn to ride at the L’Aldosa Horseriding Club or in the Nòrdic Aventura Equestrian Centre, or do horse riding routes to enjoy the natural surroundings and history of our country. Take a break from everything around you and make contact with nature, strolling along ancestral pasts, through forests and passing natural obstacles in endless adventures you can enjoy at leisure.

The L’Aldosa Horseriding Club, with more than 20 years of experience, has a riding school with classes for beginners, or obstacles, training and trekking and a wide variety of excursions to equestrian tourist destinations of varying duration and difficulty. They have mixed-breed Spanish horses of all sizes and colours, especially selected for their character and suitability for life in the mountains. 30-minute beginner’s sessions and pony rides for youngsters are also available.

The Club’s 1-hour ride around La Massana is a route through the peatlands and borders of Giberga that is particularly suitable for those with little or no experience. This route can be done on horse or pony. The 2-hour ride around Anyós is an ascent along a sun-kissed path, with a gallop of more than 1 kilometre. Riders return along the border of the old hamlet of Els Cortals, soaking in the impressive views along the way (intermediate level).

Enjoy horse riding in Andorra

Throughout the summer the Club offers daily guided walks suitable for all levels and all ages. The route takes in rocky outcrops, fir and pine woods, crystal-clear streams, and pathways that are home to narcissus and lizards. Imagine all this, viewed from horseback! Ponies are also available for children aged 2 to 10.

There’s also the Nòrdic Aventura Equestrian Centre, belonging to Hotel Nòrdic, at the foot of the Grandvalira ski slopes. At the Nòrdic Aventura Equestrian Centre you can book 30-minute or one-hour excursions to the magnificent natural surroundings of Soldeu and El Tarter. All trips are accompanied by a professional guide who will help you get the most out of the experience while keeping you safe. In August, you can also enjoy the Iron Route in the neighbouring parish of Ordino. The horses are Mérens bred. Hotel Nòrdic’s centre has 10 stalls, drinking troughs, food troughs and a tackle room.

You may also choose Hotel Nòrdic for your accommodation needs – rooms are equipped with safe, satellite television and hairdryer. Its services and facilities include the gymnasium, spa service, swimming pool, disco pub, restaurant and free Wi-Fi in the common areas. The hotel does not allow pets.

Why should you try horse riding in Andorra?

The L’Aldosa Horseriding Club is open throughout the year and its riding school is at 1,250 m (4,100 ft) altitude in the heart of the mountains of Andorra with certificated instructors. Gilles Prouheze and Jose de Groot are both Level 2 instructors, equestrian escorts and judges for jumping competitions and trek.

The Club is the ideal choice for horse riding for tourists, with one-hour rides available for guests without any horse riding experience. The Club’s horses and ponies are well prepared to go out and are ideal for the whole family from the age of 6. The Club also offers younger guests their very first experience on a pony.

L’Aldosa even has mares for sale! It always has one or two horses for sale before they are used as school horses. These are always well trained by the Club’s instructors. The Club’s horses are raised in the high mountains and are selected based on their character and possibility to adapt on this rough terrain. The instructors work with the horses in the prospect of polyvalence: they search for tranquillity, their strength outside, their equilibrium in the arena and their nature to jump.

Horse Riding holidays: the Club organises a 6 day horse riding holiday, including 6 nights hotel, 4 days horse riding with fabulous views from some of the highest points of Andorra, truly impressive rides with extreme mountain views. One day of relaxation is also included, where you can enjoy a beautiful wellness centre of Andorra.

Where to go horse riding in Andorra

Pal town also offers family-friendly horseback riding, nature walks and much more. You can rent ponies for children for 30 minutes or for an hour.  You can take the pony for a walk, either through the forest or through the small and charming village of Aldosa.  Riding hats are available free of charge.

Andorra has excellent riding schools – in Soldeu at the Centre D’Equitació Calbo, horses are in excellent condition and the guides will take you down the mountain, along the river bank and up through the forests. The staff also speaks many languages. The L’Aldosa Horseriding Club is in natural surroundings in the village of L’Aldosa, in the parish of La Massana. The school offers classes for beginners or obstacles, training and trekking and a wide variety of excursions: from holidays on horseback (one-week around the Principality of Andorra on horseback), to equestrian tourism of varying duration and difficulty.

There are many Horseback Riding Tours in Andorra, offered by the following centres: L’Aldosa Horse Centre & Trails (L’Aldosa), El Tarter Equestrian Centre (El Tarter) and The Naturland equestrian Centre.

To discover Andorra from a different perspective, go horseback riding!

Tickets and offers

Do note that all reservations are made by telephone. You can also make enquiries via email at the following website. The L’Aldosa Horseriding Club is located at Carretera General de l’Aldosa AD400, Aldosa, La Massana.

Have you ever been surrounded by nature whilst riding a horse? In Andorra you can experience stunning forest life on horseback! This is a ride through the trails surrounding L’Aldossa de la Massana. The activity lasts approximately 1 hour. Visit the L’Aldosa Horseriding Club: this will be the meeting point for the activity. Once there, the guide will teach you the basics to ride. There is an age limit to this activity: children have to be over seven years old and be 1.35 m tall. Note that children under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.

During horseback tours, you will be accompanied by a professional instructor that apart from leading the march, will give you a hand with anything you need. Remember that you don’t need to have any previous experience to enjoy this activity, since horses are more than prepared to ride in the outdoors and can adapt to different levels of skill to make sure you and your family can enjoy this adventure to the full. For safety reasons, visitors who weigh more than 100 kg (157 stone) will not be able to ride. Horseback trips across La Massana usually last one hour and the activity typically includes one horse per person, a certified guide and professional rider, and required insurances.