Just a few meters from The Shopping Mile, the commercial district of Riberaygua I Travesseres, which covers 12 streets, offers a wide variety of options for shopping, restaurants, beauty and leisure.

Shopping with a lot of character

Located in the heart of Andorra la Vella, this is a group of streets with pedestrian precincts where you will find a great diversity of independent retailers with a lot of personality and thousands of lifestyle ideas.

Among its streets, you will find over a hundred shops that sell leading brands in fashion, accessories, sports, the latest trends in items for babies, mums-to-be, etc. You will also find tattoo parlours, vaping centres, optician’s shops and chemists, as well as a wide range of outlets offering beauty and grooming treatments and products and everything for the body beautiful.

And if you fancy a bite to eat…

Get the most out of your shopping experience in the Riberaygua i Travesseres district by sampling one of its many options for fine dining. You will find a very diverse range of restaurants, from eateries offering signature tapas and cured Iberian ham to specialists in cosmopolitan, oriental and healthy cuisine, among others.

In short, you will enjoy a space full of shops with years of experience and a personal touch, including concept stores and boutiques full of innovative ideas and designer gadgets and curiosities that make perfect gifts.

Visit Riberaygua i Travesseres for an unbeatable shopping experience!