La Massana along with CM Experience bring cycle tourism to you, making it more enjoyable and fun. They propose e-bike circuits so that you can ace MTB trails and routes in just 4 turns of the pedals. Thanks to your leg work and the bike’s electrical system, you can reach the most remote places, covering more kilometres in less time and above all with less effort. And more importantly, you will travel along mountain routes while fully respecting the environment! 

There are three e-bike routes available to discover La Massana from another perspective:

-Beixalís Route

Leaving the centre of La Massana, this route takes you to the town of Anyòs where you will find the small Romanesque church of Sant Cristófol and enjoy spectacular views of the valley. It will then take you through a thick forest that gives access to Collada de Beixalís. From here, you turn onto a dirt track that takes you to the Font del Mallol, where you can rest under the shade of the trees before continuing your trip towards the picturesque town of Ordino. Finally, you will return to La Massana through the Santa Bárbara way, a trail that joined both towns and was well travelled by inhabitants of the area in the olden days.

-Coll de la Botella Route

Starting the route at La Massana, you will reach the small picturesque town of Pal, which has preserved all of the essence and traditional architecture of Andorra from centuries past. Here you can travel around the old quarter and the unique Romanesque church of Sant Climent. Follow the route that takes you to Coll de la Botella, where you can take in the most emblematic peaks of the valley such as Alto de la Capa (2,572 m) or the peak of Cubil (2,350 m). To finish the route, you will descend through the valley of Setúria, where you will discover the Bordas de Setúria, traditional Andorran constructions that remind you of the rural way of life in the country long ago. From here you will begin the return trip to the centre of La Massana.

-Cortals de Sispony Route

From La Massana, head towards the town of Sispony, cross the town and take the dirt trail towards Cortals de Sispony. During the trip along the trail you will be enveloped by an idyllic environment filled with flowers, trees and natural landscape, where you will come across herds grazing freely in the fields. Along with the fields, you will see a group of mountain cabins and rural constructions which were used long ago by the inhabitants of the area to pasture the herd during the summer season. When returning to La Massana you can stop off at El Pastador, a small business that makes and sells artisan marmalade. 

You can get further information and book your trail at the Tourist Office in La Massana. Just choose the route you like the most, what are you waiting for?